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Inter Railing

After a long year studying or working set your sights on magical destinations. Stroll down the streets of Paris while enjoying the scent of fresh coffee and croissants then later the Eiffel Tower twinkling at mid-night. Let yourself loose in the buzzing streets of Amsterdam, explore the 120 canals on a boat ride at sunset and slip on your wooden clogs then explore the windmills in the countryside. If you love traveling around Europe on train with its beautiful scenic views, meeting new people, tasting different and exciting foods, relaxing to some of the most delicious beers on a summers evening then the interrail pass is for you to begin an amazing adventure this summer.

Why Interrail? The Interrail Pass allows you to travel anywhere on the lines of the railway for which your pass is valid during a defined period. All passes are available in 1st & 2nd Class for Adults (over 26 years old) and children and in 2nd Class for Youths/Students (Under 26 years old).

List of European Music festivals: Europe is the world’s top location for outdoor music festivals. Here are just a few.

The list is almost infinitive! Click this link to get information on more festivals, dates and prices.


Types of passes: One pass (5 days to 1 Month) can whisk you away to no fewer than 30 countries. There are two types of passes which vary from first class to second class (prices will vary depending on youth, adult and first class):

InterRail Global Pass: Discover Europe by train. Visit 30 countries with one rail Pass.

InterRail One Country Pass: Explore a European country by train.

If this is for you click this link for more information on prices on each pass:

Written by: Seana Henry

Proofed by: Dara O’Conor

Uploaded by: Emma Duggan


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