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Aware is a voluntary organization formed in 1985 by a group of interested patients, relatives and mental health professionals. Their aim was to assist that section of the population whose lives are directly affected by depression. 400,000 different people suffer from depression in Ireland at any one time but many hide their condition and never get help.

Since its foundation Aware has been working to bring support to depression sufferers. It also strives to give support to the families of those suffering from depression.

The Recession has affected many people. Job losses and financial struggles create depression and stress. Luckily there are those out there working to support the charity and raise money for this worthwhile cause.

I spoke to David Brown, a Music Management student in BCFE. Dave and two of his friends, Lauren Bartlett and Judi Uhuegbu have been involved with raising money to do a sky dive for the charity. I wanted to find out how things had been going in this tough recessional time.

Firstly, I wanted to find out what prompted them to raise money for this specific charity. “Over the last two years, Lauren and myself both lost someone to suicide, and decided it’d be best to raise money for an anti-depression charity in Ireland”. Current suicide rates in Ireland have been on the rise. This is due to the recession and money worries. In order to get permission to do the skydives and raise the money, they contacted the charity and got the go-ahead.

The first proper event was a pub quiz in the Stout pub Rathmines. The night was in December during the cold-spell, but was still a huge success. “We managed to get drink promotions for all participants, and we had some great spot prizes donated. The night was a great success; there were six teams and the rest of the people in the pub donated generously”. With the help of a burlesque presenter, Molly Monroe a total of €400 was raised!

The trio then turned their attention to putting on a gig. Not an easy task by any means. This took place in the popular venue Whelans. “Three acts confirmed to play: The Spectrums, MuteFish, and Captain Magic. The Monday before the event, MuteFish pulled out.” And then, on the night it-self Captain Magic pulled out. The Spectrums really helped us out and agreed to play a 2 hour set, and got their nephew to open for them”

I asked a few people in Whelans that night what they thought of it, and they were all delighted with the performances. The atmosphere was great, really lively and everyone was singing along to the well known songs the played. It cost ten euro, but when it’s for a good cause and you get to see a great live act, it’s great value!

“We made over €500 euro that night. The venue was brilliant and they waived the fee of hiring the space.”

It’s great to see students like myself doing something for such a worthy cause.

I asked Dave what they have planned next. “I’d like to put on another gig, as it’s a big part of what I’m studying in college. It feels great when everything finally comes together!”

If you want to get involved in fundraising, or want to see what upcoming events are being held visit Also if this difficult time is getting you down and you needed someone to talk to phone 1890 303 302 to speak with one of their trained counselors.

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Written by: Katie Kelly

Proofed by: Dara O’Conor

Uploaded by: Emma Duggan


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