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Hazel Coonagh is  a Dublin based photographer. In college she studied graphic design, specializing in in photography and photo-illustration in DIT. She enjoys working in a wide range of styles and genres but has a keen interest in editorial work. She has been building up her portfolio for a number of years, working on various commissioned and personal projects.


This was taken in the incredible city of Shanghai, China. While visiting  there Hazel wanted to photograph different aspects of the Chinese transportation system. There are so many bikes in China that they need licence plates to keep track.

This is an old oil tank at the ESB poolbeg power station, where Hazels father worked as a fitter for 40 years. A good deal of the equipment there, including the infamous stacks, are fairly weathered. This winding stair well really caught the photographers eye. The tones and textures from the years of hardship are quite delicate and beautiful.

No Future

This shot  was taken in January a year or two ago. It really became a message about the recession, with the man representing Ireland, and the snow reflecting the turmoil the country has faced.

Written by Katie Kelly

Proofed by Dara O’ Conor

Uploaded by Emma Duggan


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