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I hate technology!!!

I am not a fan of the many new fangled devices available today.
The fact that I just used “new fangled” probably has you envisioning a 89 year old woman squinting through her cateracts at her dust-covered type-writer. You’ll be shocked to know I am a 24 year old, partially short sighted girl,staring at her laptop. That she is afraid of.
It’s strange, I didn’t really just HOW out of the technological loop i was until the past year or so. I was always into the internet. From 14 on I used e-mail and various web messengers. Turns out this simply doesn’t cut it in this ultra-modern era of 2011.
My mothers Fiance, although nearly thirty years older than me, is a massive fan of all things “new-fangled” (theres that phrase again!). He can happily twiddle away with his all new Android mobile phone. “Is that a new i-phone” I foolishly asked. This made him giggle. Apparently it’s even better than an i-Phone. It has even more Apps (still don’t know what they are). One of these apparently scans in a barcode on a book and tells you exactly what it is and who it’s by. Now, I may be being facetious but can’t one do this with ones good old fashioned eye balls?
The idea of the internet on phones is practically pre-historic at this stage, I’m full aware of that. But, what is this i-Pad thing? Honestly,if someone had put their machine on the floor I would not hesitate to stand on it and wonder why it isn’t telling me my weight. (wait.. do they do that now?)
Yes, I’m pretty much used to people laughing at my old-fashioned gadgets. Up until I was 21 I was the proud owner of a Walkman. Not the MP3 player. I mean a genuine cassette tape player. I decided it was time to get rid of that when a child of about four convulsed in laughter at me on the bus. Cheeky little begger could probably out-wit me on it’s x-box, or wii or whatever other games console he may own,
It’s a scary world out there for the techno-phobes. It’s all moving too fast for us and sometimes we feel lost in a world of gadgets and gizmos so spaceaged that it really feels like its 2001 a Space Odyssey. Sometimes I wonder, will it ever stop? Someday will all the scientists and inventors in the world hit a massive brick wall and realise “Thats it, We’ve done it all.”
I hope so. My head hurts!

I hate Technology!!!

Written by: Katie Kelly

Proofed by: Dara O’Conor

Uploaded by: Emma Duggan


2 Responses to “I hate technology!!!”

  1. Brilliant.

  2. Ha this is genius,I know exactly how you feel.I’ve never used an application or even the internet on my mobile phone.Whats the point?
    Really charmingly written also might I add 🙂

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