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I Hate Technology!!!!

I am not a fan of the many new fangled devices available today.
The fact that I just used “new fangled” probably has you envisioning a 89 year old woman squinting through her cateracts at her dust-covered type-writer. You’ll be shocked to know I am a 24 year old, partially short sighted girl,staring at her laptop. That she is afraid of. [read more >>>]


People’s faith moves them to evoke all manner of emotions. Today, I was directed to a Youtube link (thanks Lib!) that entailed a theological debate of sorts. [read more >>>]

Unsung Heroes of the GAA

An amateur association envied by many professional ones that is run on blood, sweat, tears and voluntary work. An unparalleled amateur sporting organisation that is played and run at a professional standard. The effort required to excel in the competitive environment that is the GAA is one of almost superhuman effort. [read more >>>]

Social Networking Safely

Social networking has revolutionised the way we communicate with each other. It has to be said that millions of people worldwide have felt the benefit of this relatively new phenomenon. [read more >>>]


Think of the person or people you love the most in the world. Now think of them suffering from a terminal illness or an insufferable disease or pain that renders their quality of life obsolete. There are a countless number of people worldwide who have no quality of life or can’t bear the thought of another day in an inescapable prison of pain. [read more >>>]


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