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A few reasons why to study in Ireland

  • Ireland has an enduring tradition of providing quality education, and a long history of accommodating international students in universities, colleges and English language schools.
  • Ireland is an English speaking country which is becoming a worldwide primary language. Also Irish too if you’re willing to experience a little culture.
  • Like every other country, Ireland has been hit with the economics crisis but remains quite reasonable in terms of funding. A high percentage of students receive a maintenance grant which will cover your annual fees and rent throughout the year. Those who are approved of a top-up grant by means test will receive nearly double the amount. (click on our grants section for more information)
  • Ireland has a young, dynamic population with 40 per cent of the population aged under-25, which makes Ireland a top international student destination.
  • If you enjoy beautiful landscapes then outdoor pursuits are for you with some of the best waves in the world on the west coast, hike, climb there’s something for everyone.
  • Hit the pubs for a pint of the black shtuff and craic with live music. Yeoooow!

Written by: Seana Henry

Proofed by: John Fagan

Updated by: John Fagan


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