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Part of the the Laura Marling, Noah and The Whale and Mumford and Sons folk collection outfit, they all made their name in the same small folk club in London!
Arctic Monkeys

Brick by Brick- Do the Arctic Monkeys have a new album in the lines, a stand alone release may be signalling something!

First Release of their new album Lets Build a rocket boys!
Not Squares

This Northern Irish group are cut from the same cloth as Two Door cinema club, fast, edgy and alt rock!
Zola Jesus

This lady has the world at her feet she just needs to get out there!
White Lies

A new track from Joy Divisions successors, White Lies!
Chapel Club

Hard to categorise, maybe a hard rock Coldplay?
Benjamin Francis Leftwich

Benjamin Francis Leftwich- a songwriter with a gentle resonant voice.
Band of Horses

The Funeral, my favourite Band of Horses song, nufff said!
LCD Soundsystem

Someone Great- I saw them last year on their “last ever” tour,

French electronic duo that managed to get the enigmatic Jarvis Cocker to lend his vocals to this fantastic track!
Fleet Foxes

Newest track from the guys borne from CSNY, Helplessness Blues will keep them on  the road to becoming folk legends, literally music to my ears!
Damien Rice

What if i’m wrong- Where is he gone? Is he still alive?Yes and very much so in this powerful performance with a mysterious Lisa Hannigan replacement.
What is going on with that mans mouth?He is capable of producing sounds with his mouth that a lot of bands aren’t capable of ever producing!
Ham Sandwich
Ants- newest song form the Kells outfit, the video is extremely charming, captures the imagine!
Dry The River

Watch out for these guys, just live recordings at the moment but blew everybody away at the Eurosonic this year!
Foster The People

Part of the MGMT/Temper Trap school!

I think their of Inidan roots and the deepness of their music suggests so too!
Best Coast

Summer listening, a female Beach Boys!

Billed as the new Kings of Leon, hard rockin’ southerners.
Gypay and The Cat

Gypsy and The Cat- just fun music!
Jessie J

Expect her to take over the world and give Lady GAGA a run for her money, ladies and gentleman I give you Jessie J!
Anna Calvi
Anna Calvi- The next PJ Harvey
The Vaccines
2 minute raucous songs
Groove Armada

Fogma(Live)- will have you dancing around your living room without realising!
Radical Face
Welcome Home- The Nikon Song, need I further explain!
New album out now, acoustic driven quartet!
Blood- The Middle East- almost a year old now but I know very few who know of this song and they need to, beautiful!
The Morning Benders
Excuses- reminds me of Beirut!

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