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Killing Bono

Directed by: Nick Hamm

Starring: Ben Barnes, Krysten Ritter and Robert Sheehan.

Based on the Book: I was Bonos Doppleganger by Neil McCormack

It has to be said that I went to see this film with a certain degree of apprehension. I always find myself being rather sceptical of anything involving Bono or U2.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to find Killing Bono to be a very well-scripted and generally enjoyable movie.

Two bands struggle to make it big in Dublin in the 1980’s. U2 and One is struggling slightly more. Lead by Neil McCormack (Ben Barnes), it seems their struggle to get as big as U2 will last through the next decade.

Martin McCanns portrayal of Bono is undeniably one of the high-lights of the movie. From the get-go we see the young budding Bono behaving as if he is the Jesus of the music world. Even if it is only the music world of their school in Dublin (Mount Temple to be precise). We even get to see him self and the Edge tell everyone on the back of 33 bus to now refer to them as Bono and the Edge, thus cementing their rock personas forever.

Things get even better when brothers Neil and Ivan (played by Misfits star Robert Sheehan) move to London to make it even bigger than U2. Much to their disgust, U2 soar through the charts, and their posters are plastered everywhere.They continue to struggle and live in an old factory surviving off little more than beans and getting threats from their Irish gangster beneficiary.

Peter Serafinowiciz plays the bands eccentric manager, Hammond desperate to shoot the boys to fame. It really makes the audience WANT the boys to succeed. Even if it’s just to wipe the smug smile off Bonos face!

It’s great to see what Dublin was like in the 80’s, the costumes, the school and even the streets and the busses are correct down to a T.

Eventually Neil cracks under the pressure, the consequences are hilarious. It’s a good all-rounder, and I’m sure many people will be pleasantly surprised to see that the film focuses more on Neil and Ivans trials and tribulations than U2s massive success.

Written By: Katie Kelly

Uploaded by: Emma Duggan


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