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About the Grants

There are many forms of grant funding for students in Ireland. Because tuition is free for Irish students attending Irish universities, these grants primarily cover other college-related expenses textbooks, travel expenses and even rent. There are also grants for college students in Ireland that are related to the pursuit of certain subject matter, like the arts.

The vast majority of recipients though are those who are eligible for the basic maintenance grant at one of several different levels

Maintenance Grant

Maintenance Grants are on offer for college students from every county in Ireland to help fund university students both at home in Ireland and in all E.U nations. A Maintenance Grant provides financial assistance for education-related costs. Funding is allocated locally, and you must have lived for at least one year in the town or city where you’re applying to be eligible for a Maintenance Grant.

For more info on Maintenance Grants visit www.studentfinance.iemp7554find-your-scheme-and-where-to-applyindex.html

Although most students who can avail of a grant will be dealing with the above ‘Maintenance grant’ there are other options worth looking at if you find yourself ineligible at a first attempt.

(Please note that if you are in receipt of one grant or social welfare payments you may not apply for another form of assistance.)

Millennium Partnership Fund

The Millennium Partnership Fund is a financial aid program to help students experiencing financial difficulties pay for college. The Millennium Partnership Fund is locally based, meaning organizations and companies located all over Ireland provide funding for students living in their particular areas. There is a list of participating organizations, arranged by location, and students are advised to apply directly to the listed organizations for assistance. The Millennium Partnership Fund provides aid for everything from food and rent to college materials and medical expenses. For more information on this grant visit www.studentfinance.iemp7707how-to-applyindex.html

Student Assistance Fund

The Student Assistance Fund is state-provided financial assistance for college students in Ireland. The Student Assistance Fund only offers financial aid to full-time students, and it allocates a specific proportion of funding to each college, based on the number of full-time students at that particular college. The Department of Education and Science at each Irish college or university allocates the funding from the Student Assistance Fund, and the department should be contacted directly for information. Contact details can be found here at

In the unlikely event that you are eligible for a grant but none of those mentioned above maybe you could investigate the following slightly more specialist means of funding. Although not a lot of information is available regarding each grant online, contact details are available for all.

Irish Georgian Society Desmond Guinness Scholarship

The Irish Georgian Society Desmond Guinness Scholarship is a grant for students whose studies are focusing on Irish visual arts and architecture, particularly for the Georgian period of 1600-1900. The recipient is awarded €1200.

Higher Education Grants Scheme

Irish students who enrol in a minimum two year higher education program are eligible for the Higher Education Grants Scheme. It requires the student or parents to have lived in his or her state for three out of the last five years. The student must be 17 years old and be able to provide financial information that outlines his or her family’s income levels. Full grants are awarded to students whose family income is at or below the lowest income level.

The Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences

The Irish Research Council for Humanities and Social Sciences provides grants and scholarships for students performing research and study within the humanities and social sciences. These programs can include law and business pursuits and are made available to students for one or two years. The grant is given to awarded students to go towards the student’s living expenses while they study.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan has served Ireland’s higher education students and students across the globe since the late fifties. Within the United Kingdom, the plan provides scholarships and grants to undergraduate students to assist in the funding of their living expenses during their education. The scholarship opportunities not only afford students the ability to study within the United Kingdom, but also overseas. In addition to scholarship funding, the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship plans provides academic grants for educators within these universities.

Written by: Dara O’ Conor

Proofed by: Dara O’Conor

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