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It’s true you cant escape this subject these days, but we have just uploaded some of our Politics Articles to the site!

Anyone with an interest in politics, or not, but would like to know, have a read!!




Within the next 72 hours being LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans-gender) could become a criminal offence punishable by death in Uganda. This plan is being backed by Ugandan president Museveni.

This disgusting act must be stopped and you can help by joining over 100,000 people worldwide by signing this petition

“This hateful bill is part of a pattern of the Ugandan government’s violent repression of pro-democracy forces within the country – and time is running out to stop it”



Here’s a look at the very first video from our featured band Borderline for their song ‘No Choice’.

Everyone is loving them so far so check out their video subscribe to their youtube and follow them on twitter on @BorderlineBand_

Their EP ‘All that matters’ is also available to download now!




It’s what all us BCFE students have been waiting for!!!!! BCFE RAG WEEK!!!!!!!

Here’s a breakdown of the week…

Monday 11th of April: Go back and act the child again either on the bouncing, in the sumo suits or on the gladiator ring!! All students must make a donation to charity in order to do so!

Tuesday 12th of April: BCFE will be having a fancy dress day and ALL students must make an effort. Collection for charity and prize for best dressed.

*******WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT***************more to follow, could we make the Guinness book of records while in our costumes? Watch this space.

Wednesday 13th of April: SHAVE OR DYE COLLECTION: Shave or dye your hair in the name of charity and showcase your brand new head or hair to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society.

**************IRON BELLY COMPETITION********************Students participate in order to win the crown of IRON BELLY 2011. Great prizes and horrible food 🙂

Thursday 14th of April: *****MOCK WEDDING********Come watch as we bring together Mr. and Ms. Ballyfermot. Put your name down for the draw and give yourself a chance of winning a VIP pass to the BCFE BALL.
****************BCFE BALL****************** Buses leave from college at 8:30. Tickets include: Admission into mystery nightclub, bus pick up and drop off, 3 euro a drink, free food, playboy hosts, DJ, live band, spot prizes and more.

Tickets on sale Tuesday 2pm – 4pm and Thursday 1pm-3pm at the student union office and every other day in the canteen!!!


The whole world is in mourning for beloved actress Elizabeth Taylor. The actress had a dramatic life both on and off screen.

Born in England in 1932, and started her acting career at just ten.

Young Elizabeth

Her breakthrough role was in Lassie Come home in 1943, and then starred in MGM’s National Velvet where she starred alongside the infamous Mickey Rooney. Star was born!

She grew up in the limelight and continued to star in box office smashes. All through

The 50’s she starred in Rhapsody, Beau Brummel, and the hit Giant where she worked alongside James Dean.

She was nominated for two academy awards, and lost out on both. But then her time came in 1960 when she brought home the coveted statue for her flawless performance in Butterfield.

She also starred in Cleopatra in 1963 which was the most expensive production to date. Her performance in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf in 1963 won her general critical acclaim, and her second Academy Award. It has to be said that this could have been her greatest role to date, but after this she never really reached the same heights.

The Gorgeous Young Actress

It was her personal life too that evoked controversy for the screen legend. She was married eight times.

The first was to Conrad Nicky Hilton. He was a heir to the Hilton hotels, but this marriage only lasted a year from 1950-1951.

Elizabeth didn’t wait around for long, and in 1952 got remarried to Michael Wilding, a Brtish actor. The pair had two songs together before the marriage failed in 1957.

Tragically, Elizabeths third husband Michael Todd died in a plane crash just a year after marriage.

In 1959 the actress married her deceased husbands good friend Eddie Fisher. Fisher had already been married to actress Debbie Reynolds. The marriage between Fisher and Taylor sparked controversy, and she was deemed a home wrecker.


In 1964, after divorcing Eddie, Elizabeth married feisty Welsh actor Richard Burton for the first time. The couple divorced in 1974 and decided to give it another go in 1975. They then divorced in 1976.

John Warner, a senator was next for Elizabeth. It has to be said that he actually became a senator because of his relationship with the actress. This marriage lasted until 1982.

In an incredibly controversial decision, Taylor married Larry Fortensky who was a construction worker with a mullet. He was also significantly younger than Elizabeth. This marriage lasted 5 years and ended in 1996.

The stars last public appearance was at the funeral of Michael Jackson in 2009, and her health has deteriorated until her death.

Elizabeth & Good Friend Michael


Where it all began...

Its the day you have all been waiting for, Banana Sandwich is live on your computer right now!!

This is the finished product of our blood sweat and tears (and in Carla’s case sometimes pulling out of hair) over the past 6 weeks or so.

We hope you find your way around our little baby and see everything you could want and more..

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